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Friday, August 3, 2012

Pesta Lampu di air terjun Niagara Falls yang amat Memukau Pandangan Mata

Pemandangan indah di Niagara Falls yang diterangi dengan lampu neon. Tirai air terjun umpama magikal dengan warna-warna ceria seperti merah jambu, biru, ungu, kuning dsb. Jurugambar Rajeev Nair, dari Connecticut, US, meluangkan masa selama berjam-jam di lokasi air terjun yang termasuk antara top 10 air terjun tercantik di dunia ini semata-mata untuk mendapatkan gambar Niagara Falls yang cantik seperti dalam gambar di bawah:

Kredit: dailymail

Rainbow at night: The famous waterfalls that straddle Canada and the US emit a remarkable glow in the ethereal pictures

Pink passion: The vibrant colours make the water look like silk and the spray like clouds of light

Electric dreams: Photographer Rajeev Nair waited for his moment to capture the majesty of the famous tourist attraction turning turquoise

Purple haze: The natural wonder of the waterfall is emphasised by the astonishing display

Golden memories: The lights look like sunbeams despite the late hour as the droplets spring into the night air

Spice of life: The foremost of Niagara's three waterfalls is almost obscured with pink, while another can be seen shining in yellow in the background

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