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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Penemuan Ikan raksasa dari serata dunia (12 gambar)

Ada yang bersaiz besar, tidak kurang pula yang bersaiz kecil, manakala ada yang boleh melumpuhkan anda dengan kejutan elektrik 500 volt - Jeremy Wade, pembikin filem British yang berani telah meneroka alam ikan ganas dan pelik untuk merasai pengalaman sebenar berhadapan dengan makhluk yang mengerikan ini.

Goliath Tiger Fish, ditemui di Sungai Congo
To the point: Intrepid explorer Jeremy Wade with a Payara fish. The animal is known as the Dog Tooth Characin or the Vampire Fish, due to its protruding front dentures
Payara (Dog Tooth Characin atau Vampire Fish)
Gotcha! The plucky adventurer grapples with a stingray on the banks of the Parana River in Argentina. Most stingrays have one or more barbed stingson the tail, which are used exclusively in self-defence

Slippery customer: Jeremy clings onto the tail of the stingray. With its beige and black skin tones the animal is perfectly camouflaged in the sandy bed of the Parana River

Nothing but the tooth: A brave tribesman opens up the jaws of a Pacu fish in Tongwinjamb in Papua New Guinea. The pacu is referred to as the 'ball cutter' after killing two men by biting off their testicles
Seorang penduduk asli yang berani di Papua New Guinea membuka rahang ikan Pacu ini yang dikatakan pernah membunuuh dua lelaki dengan menggigit buah zakar mereka.
Open wide: The African Lung Fish which is found in The Congo. They have a series of rows to form a fan-shaped surface. Lungfish are best known for retaining primitive characteristics including the ability to breathe air
African Lung Fish
Jeremy Wade with an Australian Saw Fish at the Fitzroy River in Australia
Australian Saw Fish di Sungai Fitzroy
Fin-tastic: After a spot of nighttime fishing Jeremy gets his hands on an Australian Bull Shark in the state of Queensland
Australian Bull Shark di Queensland

Small but deadly: The Bullseye Snakehead is a faster growing fish than most of the other species of the genus. It is a carnivorous species. The flesh has high nutritive value and its flesh is said to have wound-healing and recuperative attributes
Kecil tetapi membawa maut, Bullseye Snakehead sejenis ikan karnivor
You little beauty! An enormous grouper
Kerapu gergasi
Heavy load: Jeremy with a Wells Cat Fish in Spain. These incredible river monsters could take the bait and probably the angler as well.
Wels Cat Fish di Spain, boleh hidup selama sekurang-kurangnya tiga puluh tahun dan mempunyai pendengaran yang sangat baik
Going swimmingly: Jeremy found this arapaima fish in a lake just off the Madeira River in Amazonas, Brazil. The arapaima,or paiche is a living fossil and one of the largest freshwater fish in the world
 Ikan Arapaima di dalam tasik yang tidak jauh dari Sungai Madeira di Amazonas, Brazil, ia antara salah satu ikan air tawar yang terbesar di dunia
kredit: dailymail

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