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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

tupai putih yang sangat comel (4 gambar)

You're a bit of all-white: The rare albino critter loves to admire herself in the mirror

Give me a hug: Snow White has been nursed back to health after being attacked by a pair of vicious grey squirrels

Double take: Snow White poses up in front of her mirror as she waits to be sent to a squirrel sanctuary

Bright-red eyed and bushy tailed: Albino squirrels suffer from poor vision and are often picked on in the wild

Tupai albino ini telah diselamatkan selepas ia tercedera akibat disingkirkan oleh tupai biasa dari hutan tempat ia tinggal sebelum ini. Tupai betina ini telah dirawat di Hart Wildlife Rescue, Hampshire dan diberi nama Snow White!

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